An entrepreneur wishes to be successful and make decent amount of wealth. It is achievable by efficiently managing resources and coming up with unique promotional activity. This can help to lay the right foundation to accomplish objectives. If you own a vacation rental business online, it is imperative to make the website easy to navigate. There is a need to provide comprehensive information about the vacation rentals. This will enable the customer to make the right decision based on the details. Also, the booking system has to be secure and quick. Make the reservation process simple to understand in order for boosting bookings. Our Vacation rental and property management script have proven to be excellent tool in the market. This PHP script has contributed immensely in the growth of this business. It enables to create the property listing along with complete detail. A person can learn about the amenities, rates, availability, and more at their fingertips. Based on the details, the individuals can take a final call with utmost ease to get value for the money.

PHP Vacation Rental Script is built on top of newest technologies for building website. These are as follows:

Zend Framework 2.4.x
Zend framework 2.x.x has been one of the leading PHP frameworks with flexible architecture suitable for modern web applications for years. Recently I have switched over to a couple of newborn frameworks, but that is my personal preference. Zend framework is designed with simplicity in mind. It is lightweight, easily customizable, and focused on most common needed functionality. It is built to dramatically ease the learning curve you must climb when adapting to a new framework. It is widely used, so quite well tested and safe.
jQuery 1.8.x
It's probably that jQuery is most popular javascript library. As its slogan "Write less, do more", developing scripts in Eicra Hotel Reservation Script becomes more easy than ever. In addition, you can use many available plugins provided by jQuery and other developers.
jQuery UI 1.9.x
jQuery UI provides abstractions for low-level interaction and animation, advanced effects and high-level, themeable widgets, built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library, that you can use to build highly interactive web applications.
Our Applications takes full advantages of jQuery UI in order to facilitate uses for more friendly interface to managed their leads , contents and information in more eye appealing fashioned.
Ajax Technology
Ajax the short form of asynchronous JavaScript and XML we will try to learn by studying some examples here. As you know Ajax is itself not a scripting language so we will be using our script PHP for programming here and other languages in different sections.
We have used Ajax technology to simplify the user interface. The shameless use of Ajax makes the application more users friendly and faster for enterprise level users. An elegantly designed site filled with engaging content is worth very little without an interested audience.

JavaScript Framework & Advanced front-end architecture
Improving User Experience is an issue that most web designers and web developers are facing when creating a website or an app. Keeping a user satisfied from having a good experience on a website or an app makes it easier to lead to conversions, which are vitally important.
The Application users Javascript frameworks that can help you improve your visitor's user experience.
The Next Generation Web Designing Languages. Our web development team is using all the latest optimization technologies of CSS3. CSS3 brings dramatic power in our script. So, script is now relatively light-weight, script overall look and feel is now really impressive & make user-friendlier. Modern CSS3 Technologies make our script's User Interface more rich and professional in designing exclusive Box Model, Gradient Backgrounds and Rounded Borders, Text Effects, Shadows, 2D/3D Transformations, visual animations effects. All of this exclusive CSS3 effects are now build in our script and it brings our script level world class high standards and obviously brings all the power of next generation script facilities.
Eicra Script using new technologies out-of-the-box for better user experience. We implemented modern HTML5 to design professional front-end & back-end template for building fast, robust and adaptable web sites. All of our modules, blocks, templates and components are now fully HTML5 compatible that make our scripts more interactive, professional, world high class standards.